Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Give me few more days...



finally... HongKong Film Award replied ...

for those who are new here,wanted to know why i got this letter of reply...just go to my old blog http://i.cn.yahoo.com/jiekeliang
the whole story is there...

this is the reply:

Dear Pui Yin

Hope you are doing well. Thank you for your email, I've talked to a Singapore lady named Wendy last week throught the long distance call and dont know if she is you or not. We are very sorry what have happened to Mr. Neo, and attached please see the letter to express our appology to him.

For the event on 15th April, in fact, our ceremony started at 7:40 pm (which was 10 mins late as we need to settle the crowd in the stalls) and therefore we hope our guests can be entered the ceremony entrance before 7:15 pm. However, due to the disarrangement of the luminosine and some traffic problem that night, some of our our guests can only arrived the Star Boulvard at the last minute ( include Mr. Neo, celebrity Chan Kun and Huang Xiao Ming from China did not have press to capture while they walked on the Red Carpet). We've urged our colleagues to send the guests quick from hotel but there maybe traffic jam some luminosines were arrived late. As an organizer for more than 20 years for the Film Awards, we treated our houourable guests equal attention and we try our very best to make our guests in the best, and most comfortable situation. We are sorry that this happened to Mr. Neo and made him feel uncomfortable and we will discuss this arrangement seriously in our board meeting and avoid this happened again in the coming dates.

Please kindly send our apology to Mr. Neo and hope that he can understand our situation.

best regards

Frances Lam


walker said...

封信看起来相当的诚恳吧,至少acknowledged了当晚安排有不妥当之处,然后也郑重apologised了, 只是希望经过这一次之后,主办当局日后当真要'一视同仁', 我们国宝级的导演leh! dun play play yoh!

Anonymous said...

Jack Neo is overrated

瀅錦 said...