Thursday, November 29, 2007

足球歌 - 其实我也会Rap

前阵子,和一些老朋友见面,聊天的时候友人提起,我在 1990年时候曾推出一堆( 16张)搞笑说唱专辑,当时大家都很疯狂很支持我,当年很多人都买了我的搞笑专辑,事隔那么多年后,卡带全都坏了,问我还有存底吗?
Some time back, I met up with some old fri ends. During a chat, my friend mentioned that I had introduced some (16 albums) of Rap songs. At that time, everyone was insane over it and very supportive. That year, many people bought my comedy albums. But after so many years, the cassettes are all spoilt, and someone even asked if I still have the original recordings.

后来回家找了一下,还真的给我找到一些当年的专辑,类似世界杯足球赛的专辑,当年很多人很疯狂的,如果你是当年出世的,距离现在已经17 年了,很难想像。

After that I went back home to search, and I managed to find some of those albums, like those of the world cup albums. Many people were crazy over it at that time. If you were born at that time, then it would have been 17 years already. So hard to imagine!

Some net pals have ever asked me if I could upload these songs as a commemoration, or just as a re-collection of memories. Haha, if you don't mind, then please listen to this hit song from my old album.

我找同事帮我从卡带弄成CD, 再由另一同事弄成了" 歌词Video" 与你们分享。
I got my colleague to transfer it from cassette onto a CD, and another colleague to turn it into a "lyrics video" so that I can share with all of you.

如果你们喜欢,想要听多些,请在评语上留言 "我还要, I want some more!!" ,我会慢慢的上传跟大家一起分享。。。反正你来我的博客,我有什么可以娱乐你的,我就尽量做到,,我的博客是我的家一样,你们上来就是我的客人,慢慢欣赏吧。
If you guys like it, and would like to hear more, pls write "I want some more" on the comments page. Then I'll upload more songs slowly to share with all of you. After all, you guys drop by my blog, whatever I have entertaining; I will always try to my best. My blog is like my home. You guys come here, you're like my guest, so take your time, and enjoy.

And here's the masterpiece:

How? Do you like it? Although it's already been 17 years old! Does it sound out-dated? Maybe the music sounds out-dated lah, but does the lyrics sound out-dated as well? Let me know too.

你们喜欢吗?如果还想听,我再弄几首给你们 !

Do you guys like it? If you want to hear some more, I can upload a few more songs for you guys!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

梁家班大聚会 Gathering

Such a rare chance, after organizing it for so long, everyone finally gets to meet each other. Actually, trying to gather all the artistes together is really not easy. Everyone is so busy with their filming schedules. And although it really wasn't easy organizing this gathering, 2 very determined mommies in our company still managed to do it.
说他们是妈妈,因为他们负责照顾我们这一大班艺人的行程和通告时间,也包括其他琐琐碎碎的,工作和家里的妈妈没什么两样。怎样?想看他们的样子吗。。。哈哈哈。。。下次给你安排吧。。。让他们自己选美美的照片比较妥当吧。这两位妈妈一个叫Miss Tan 一个叫Angie 。在公司好多年了,很忠于职守,有能力忍受我这性格的人这么多年,哈哈,他们的内功可不是盖的,哈哈。。。
I call them mommies because they are in-charge of looking after this entire group of artistes' schedules and itinerary, as well as other trivial duties. Being a mommy at home and at work is the same. Why? You guys want to see how they look like…? Hahaha… Next time I'll arrange lah… Let them choose their own nice pictures better lah. These 2 mommies, 1 of them is Ms Tan, the other is Angie. They've been with the company for many years already. Very devoted to their duties. They have the ability to tolerate my temperament for so many years, haha, their internal strength is very powerful ah, haha…
Let's have a look at my team of artistes first (there are still some that couldn't attend).

J Team's development has grown with times, following the trends and demands of the market. This gathering tells you all about yr requests, and the company's developments. And with Neo Studio's regular movie productions, as long as there are talents, we will discover.

There are more pictures from the gathering, which I'll post after the 2 mommies have sorted them out. I've also told every member of J Team to try and set up their own blog, so that they can interact with all of you.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007



A private screening for 'Just Follow Law' will be held at L.A., Beverly Hills this Saturday at 4pm. I urge all Singaporeans who are presently in L.A. can attend this screening.


'Just Follow Law' was awarded 3 nominations in this year Golden Horse Awards. This movie has been creating surprises! I sincerely hope all those who have been supporting me to go watch this movie!

For more informations about this movie, please visit the movie website.



Wilshire Screening Room
8670 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills
Tel: (310) 659-3875
Contact: Michael Hall

时间 Time: 4pm

For those to wish to attend this screening, you may contact below officer:

Chantal Dinnage
646 North Robertson Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069, USA
Phone (310) 657-1731 * Fax (310) 657-5576

My colleague will arrange with Chantal to allow non-members to attend this screening.

我的女儿终于修完O 水准了!

我的大女儿,终于修读完中四O 水准了!身为父母,我和太太受邀出席毕业典礼。My daughter has finally completed her 'O' levels! As parents, my wife and me were invited to attend her graduation ceremony.


Coming to this hall, it's filled with old school-hall atmosphere. Brings back those memories when I was a student at Anglican High, we also had a school hall like this.

这位是她们的校长,上台致词,相当感性和感人,如果我是"就要毕业的同学" ,肯定会被她的话感动,现在的身份虽然只是家长,也感觉到这段致词的内容附带的激励性和人性对即将离去的同学绝对是一个 很好的鼓励。

This is the principal, making a speech on the stage. Quite perceptual and touching. If I was an undergrad, I'd sure be moved by her words. Although I'm now a parent, I can still feel that her speech carries morale boosters & humanity to those students who were about to graduate which is definitely a very good form of encouragement.


Have a look at one of the phrases… I was also very touched. Actually in real life, we may already have experienced it hundreds of times. But perhaps these students may not fully comprehend the true meaning. But when they step out into the working world, they might start to understand it slowly.


At the graduation ceremony, I had another unexpected surprise. I didn't expect to see so many pretty ladies. Those who went on stage to receive their awards were "beautiful enough to overthrow cities and states" (or exceeding beautiful). Singapore's media industry lacks such beauties. So how come these beauties with brains did not come approach us leh? Why out of so many beauty pageants, their standard has dropped, where have all the pretty ones gone leh?


This is my product, my daughter lah. How, what you think? Can lah hor? Don't blame me for those blur pictures… There are 3 reasons why... First, my skill is 'shit' . Secondly, my camera also 'shit' . Thirdly, both the camera and my skill 'shit' together, so therefore, what to do...


After receiving her award, she's hastily rushing off the stage… This is my precious daughter.

更意外的发现是,连女老师,班主任也长得让我非常" 刮目相看" ,你一定会问我,为什么拍美女老师镜头就捕抓得那么清晰,女儿的就拍到" 像雾又像花" 。这个也是相机的问题!就在那个时候,相机自己良心发现了,怎么可以怪我呢?

A bigger discovery I made, even the female teacher and form teacher was also very pretty, making me sit up and take notice. You guys sure ask me, why taking pictures of pretty female teachers so clear and sharp, but pictures of my daughter turn out like 'cloud and flower' (super blur). And this is also the camera's fault! Just at that moment, the camera got stung by conscience, so how can you blame me?

On seeing this pretty female teacher, a friend actually rang me up and said, might as well get this teacher to act in my movie. Supporters confirm plenty. Apart from students from her own school, some curious students from other schools might also come show their support.

Plus officers from MOE who might have read the news, and because of the value of the news, reporters will follow up very closely also. HaHaHa, very interesting suggestion from my friend…


At the graduation ceremony, there should also be some performances. This dance segment was also quite nicely choreographed.


Want to see my daughter is it?

OK, that one, the girl who just turned her head, that's her. Just when my camera had focused on her, she turned her head to talk to her friend. So to say it's my fault again, like very injustice lah…


How's this one? Getting clearer already…


This is the scene that day. Very lively, and every where is filled with goodbyes, laughter and sounds of cameras clicking away. Didn't see anyone sobbing. Times have changed. It's very easy to meet up these days. And maybe because it's that easy to meet ups, people just lack that feel.

老师准备和同学合照留念。The preparing to take pictures with the students as a memento.

Friday, November 16, 2007

螃蟹宴 crab party

那天心血来潮,家里请了一些好朋友来吃螃蟹,到外面吃太贵了,自己家里佣人会煮,就是方便 Had a sudden impulse the other day, I invited some good friends over to my place for some crabs. Cos going out to eat very expensive lah, and since my maid could cook them, so we just had it conveniently.

Sorry ah, those of you who haven't had dinner yet, don't blame me for making you guys drool ah!


Check out the close up shot, and drool!!!!


This is just steamed crabs! The kids can also eat them, no chili.


No matter how tyrannous and ferocious these crabs are, they still end up on my dinner plate in the end...

In the past, I didn't quite like to take pics. But after that, then I learned to understand and appreciate. Everything has a pretty side and a desired angle. Those of you who don't understand won't be able to see it, and instead will find it just plain.


Some things, when viewed too near, you won't be able to see anything. Some things will need to be viewed very very near to get a clearer picture. When the waiter puts the plate down, everyone will just grab the food onto their own plate, then start gobbling the food down.


But when you take a real close look, you'll be salivating.


When you normally eat crabs in restaurants, how many times have you actually taken a good look at the crab dish?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

副总裁的道歉 v 1027 936(15-11)

8 hours after a reporter from Shin Min Daily interviewed me, VP Paul Chan gave me a call.

一些关心这事情的朋友说看了报章后觉得,文章上的发言只是他把话说清楚和对梁家班和歌台艺人 的立场“重新定位”,很像道歉又不是道歉,不是道歉又很像在道歉。 (very the chim)
Some concerned friends said that after reading the article in the newspaper, which reported that he only re-phrased the comparisons between J Team artistes and getai artistes. And it seems like he apologized, but maybe not. But although he didn't apologize, it felt like he did. (very the chim)

我的朋友都相当细腻,觉得这些朋友很可爱,不过我告诉他们,得饶人处且饶人,在一个大机构里,要一个人站出来公开用明显的字眼道歉(sorry、 对不起、 请包涵 、请原谅、 这是我的错、 毫无保留的道歉)是比较困难的(好像许文远部长那样公开道歉几件事是需要很大勇气的,佩服他!),现在你们明白为什么在我的电影“我在政府部门的日子里”有一段林益民对身为公务员"坚持不道歉"的看法吗?
My friends are all quite classic, and I find them all very cute. But I told them, forgive and forget. In a big organization, for someone to step forward and literally apologize (using the words sorry, pls forgive me, it's my fault etc) would be very difficult (like how minister Khaw Boon Wan publicly apologized for a few incidents, and that really took a lot of courage, which really earned my respect!). So now you know why my movie, "Just Follow Law" has a scene in which Moses Lim, as a civil servant, "insist on not apologizing"?

In a civil service organization, apologizing by means of actions is better than apologizing by words. As long as you understand the way they do it and that's sufficient.

This matter has been concluded and life still has to go on. J Team will still continue to scout for beautiful and witty talents. We won't give up.

Taking this opportunity, I'd like to remind all J Team artistes as well as the students from the just graduated artistes training class. Remember to replenish you knowledge and substantiate your potential. Do it smartly. For it's very important when the opportunity comes by.

Good opportunities may sometimes only come knocking once. Whether you can manage to grab that opportunity will depend on how much time and effort you put into your homework everyday. As the saying goes, Knowledge will never be sufficient when you need them, and you would have lost the opportunity when it runs by.

Also, thks to Mediacorp's other senior managers for their understanding in this incident and their support towards J Team and me. I believe there would be much more splendid collaboration coming up.

Also, I'd like to thk you all for your support and comments, THKS!

These pictures are 'fresh from oven', showing you our 7 babes!

Tiffany 谢美婷

适合好人坏人鸟人的角色,擅长冷面搞笑(在just follow law里面饰演跟law走的公务员),她还有魔鬼的身材身藏不露

Can play roles of a good person, a bad person, and the rotten person. Good at comedy (Acted as the law-abiding civil servant in Just Follow Law). She's also got a fantastic figure.

Chuxuan 陈楚璇
Suits all roles of a young teenager, acting skills are natural and with ease. She can also cry impromptu. Very sweet look, with a disposition of a Japanese star.

Natalli 爱雯

Can appear to be pure, wicked, good and bad. Excels in dancing and singing. Proportionate in height and figure, 17 years old this year. Recently, she was in Shanghai for the press conference of I NOT STUPID 2. The Chinese reporters were very surprised by her disposition. At least her appearance did not disappoint those reporters.

Cheryl 陈雪儿
Suits most roles for young teenager. Also acted as a rich little girl in I NOT STUPID. Now she's grown up gracefully, with an attractive air of charisma.

Sherry 谢慧敏
在新传媒主持人的选秀节目引起注意,有邻家小女孩的清纯气质,适合傻大姐blur queen的角色本人是很精明的
Was spotted at Mediacorp's Super Host contest. Has the girl-next-door innocent look. Suits roles of blur queen. But she's very bright in person.


From left: June, Megan, Tiffany, Sherry, Jack Neo, Cheryl, Chu Xuan, Natalie


Apart from female artistes, J Team also has some male artistes. Will introduce them to all of you at a later stage.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

副总裁的回应 Reply from VP v1268

Paul Chan 在新报对梁家班的7位艺人作出侮辱性的形容后,这个就是他给我们的解释。
After insulting 7 J Team Artistes, this is the reply from the VP.

After reading the explanation from Mediacorp's VP of branding and promotions, many of my friends told me this is part and parcel of what we have to accept and tolerate if we were to stray in this industry. It's easy to be overly conceited once you are used to being high up on the branch. But my reasoning would be, most of the VPs in Mediacorp are very humble and have the demeanor of high ranking officers in MNCs. After all, without wisdom, you can't make it up to this position.

After insulting my artistes, this VP tells me not to get upset, saying it's only a joke. He even tells me to take this as publicity. I'd like to tell this VP here, that outside of Mediacorp, J Team has our own set of publicity activities. Therefore, we don't need him to tell us how to pull off publicity for our artistes. Unless it's a program by Mediacorp.

There has been at least 18 years of collaboration between J Team and Mediacorp. We've weathered quite a few storms, but we also show gratitude by staying on the same side of the line and work towards a common goal. We're not asking for credits here, but we need to tell the ignorant, our contribution, and close working relationship, till date, have gone thru rigorous test of time. As a partner of Mediacorp, we share resources, artistes, experiences and creativity. This sort of working relationship is very rare, and we've always cherished. VP Paul Chan's senseless remarks have deeply hurt J Team's new artistes who've been all ready to start their career in the acting industry.

Also, as a committee member to Singapore's Artiste Association, I am very concerned by his comments & comparison of J Team artistes to "those girls who sing at seventh month getai shows". Seventh month artistes are a group of people who depend on their talents and skills to earn a living. It's a clean and proper profession. They are contributing to the society, and that includes the recent cancer foundation fund raising event. They have used their influence. The VP has used the term "seventh month getai girls" to describe 5 of our artistes, and quite obviously those are disparaging remarks. As a former seventh month getai artiste myself, and now committee member to the Singapore Artiste Association, I have the right to probe further into those remarks that the VP passed, so as to prevent future misunderstandings that may arise form getai artistes.

我们吸收7位女艺人进入梁家班当然是有我们自己的计划,从来也没有想过要模仿新传媒的7公主。成立了强片制片厂(neo studios)后,我们拟定的艺人路线,有我们自己的商业考量,不分青红皂白就直接形容我们7位艺人是便宜的冒牌货,这个形容,单单用开玩笑来解释,是难以信服的。
We definitely have our own plans for the 7 artistes that we have recruited, and we have no intentions to "copy" Mediacorp's 7 princesses. With the creation of Neo Studios, we've prepared the future of our artistes, in line with commercial values and considerations. Having made remarks and comparisons of our 7 artistes to "cheap branded fakes" without even understanding the entire situation, and then passing off those description as "a joke", is simply very lame and not convincing.

I hope that VP Paul Chan, as a spokesman, can step forward and clarify for himself. I believe my blog readers, as well as those artistes and their families who were hurt by him comments, would really like a decent explanation from him.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

New paper report (11-11-07 499v /952)


The other day, a reporter from New paper called me very enthusiastically.

He had read the Wanbao’s report abt my 7 babes, and expressed interest in writing an extended version.

That was good news to us, so our company give him the full support.

We gave them quite a number of new pictures, but because of space constraint,

they only chose this one

I’m grateful to New Paper for giving our artistes a center - spread exposure in the papers with such big coverage.

But suddenly…

got few calls from friends and artistes with regards to this particular report.

This report has disturbed quite a number of people who were concerned about us.

看看以下的这段报导,看看署名paul chan(新传媒品牌宣传部副总裁)的评语。
Take a look at the report below, the remarks made by this man, Paul Chan(VP branding and promotion mediacorp).

I cannot understand why this Mediacorp VP gave our 7 actresses such hurtful and insulting remarks.

I don’t understand his motive, and I don’t want to make assumptions.

Jteam artists management company have stepped in to find out more detail of this matter.

With regards to this matter, all our colleagues and artistes have been very concerned.

A more detailed explanation from the VP is necessary.

I believe, it’s not just me that would like to know the answer,

Many readers, fans and supporters would also like to know what’s going on.

So let us wait patiently.

mark lee blog:

Thursday, November 8, 2007

我的徒弟李国煌 338

He has been with me for more than 10 years.

He's never left me or walked away.

When I was down in the pits, he and Henry still chose to stand by me.

Until now… I feel that we're more than just teacher and disciple…

When he chose to follow me, of course I felt the responsibility to teach him my skills.

But in fact, his potential, is very unique.

Even more extreme than me.

My hosting style in the past was already considered cruel.

This man,

The student surpasses the teacher.

应该说,青出于 "烂 ",胜于 "烂 "
Or I should phrase it as "The student surpasses the rotten teacher"

I taught him how to react on stage.

After he absorbed and digested,

He came up with his own style.

And that style, whenever he went on stage, his former manager and me,

Would always breakout in cold sweat.

可怜的前经理人 Simon,经常被客户训责
Poor thing his former manager Simon, would always get a dressing down from clients,

But would always fend for him.

Most complaints would always be, his words do not convey the right meaning, very poor Chinese, and always offending people with rude remarks.


I'll stand up to his defense.

In the beginning, he would show face and heed our advice, but in the end, he'll back to the same.

" 愚公移山" 就是这样来的
This is how "Determination to win every victory and courage to surmount difficulty" was derived.

But in the end, I asked myself, why do I want to change him?

This is unique and unsurpassed.

The style of a show host.

And it's very distinctive.

Why do I want to force him to become a 2nd me.

Just like how Jacky Wu couldn't change the Jay Chou he discovered some years back.

Besides, getting a successor exactly just like me,

Would not be contributing to the entertainment industry.

Just like Jackie Chan's son, Jaycee.

We've watched his father's expression on his movies for so many years.

And we thought it would just fade off.

没想到他竟然派个儿子 房租名
But unexpectedly, he sent his son, Jaycee,

Who inherited his very same expressions.

And therefore you die also won't forget his father.

Mark Lee's style has gotten many people embarrassed and been the focus of much debate.

The producers at the TV station weren't in favor of using him in the very beginning.

Because he looks very ugly and very fierce.

But he can also look very cute when he acts the part.

And when he does the comedy stint, he can be very shocking and throw everyone off their feet.

Just like that, he's been in the TV industry for more than 10 years.

Just cannot understand, after so many years, there are still people who find him an eyesore.

Occasionally, there would be bad reports about him in the papers.

Criticizing him till he's blue black and injured all over (which is already is lah)

Honestly speaking, he also has foresight.

He won't resist, he won't refute, and he won't react.

He even laughed at himself, saying that he criticized so many people; therefore those who came to scold him actually neutralized the effect.

So we should really treat them with gratitude.

This is Mark Lee.

Recently, he became a celebrity in the circle of arts, the ambassador for the National Heritage Board.

For sure, he'll piss off many people who look down on him.

For those people who know Mark in person,

Will know his character.

Many people can clique with him.

Because he is just very real.

Actually when you see him criticizing people on TV, it's solely for the sake of the program effects.

This is just like the rules blogging.

If you chose to read the blogs, then you must be prepared to accept what is in the content.

If you can't handle him, then don't let him appear on the program.

As they say, do as the Romans do, and accept the challenges.

The rules in this industry are not set by 1 person.

It's the result of many years of experience.

I'm sure there are more people who like him than those who dislike him.

Because the programs that he has hosted, many of them have always topped the charts.

Some programs which he had worked hard on,

Have displayed potential vividly.

His hosting skills today have just proven many things.

Every time I see these unfair remarks about him,

I sympathize with those people who made the remarks more than I sympathize with Mark.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007