Tuesday, May 1, 2007

song that i sung b4 ,making into MV

someone do this for me in youtube...this song was written some time ago...because i think why all 爱国歌曲is only in english ,that why i created one chinese version for myself also for those who prefered chinese 爱国歌曲。hope you like it ,pls let me know if you like this type of stuff ,i will upload more...


sorry for the mistake that i made,my email is now re-activated...jiekeliang@yahoo.com.cn,sure can get me ,if you want to send me a lot of pics...


yun said...

yeah! just upload more! :D

jia you!

tsai蔡 said...






rachael said...

哈哈,梁导也能放松一下了吗?五一劳动节快乐!upload video 也是不错...我还是比较喜欢照片罗!梁导可以学那些美眉自拍!哈哈!

email : yozora.rachz@hotmail.com

Crystal Berry said...

wah!u so fast ah! this morning i just watching this MTV around 10am, just want to login to ask u this song is singing by u? 还以为我是第一个发现的。。。没想到你比我快。。。

Jack Neo said...

要找我,请到 jiekeliang@yahoo.com.cn

Jerome said...

Upload more! We love everything from you! haha xD

IsenGrim said...

all i feel subtitles are needed in such MVs.

other than that its very entertaining. hahaha

Anonymous said...

COOL! I love your oldies ARMY songs? U remember? Those u sing with Moses Lim. The time when we only have casette

Keong said...

dun be scared
blogspot is a family for u to express yourself


Anonymous said...

hihi =)

check bck here almos everyday to read the bits and pieces U've written on ur life... dats a pretty nice song U've written and good intro bout urself too ... U should watch Spiderman 3... its a rawking good movie, worth every cent or ur money...



ling said...

I love it!!!
Do you have the song? can you post it? i love to listen to it in my mp3 whenever i feel depress!!

Go go! do more of this!

YS Studio said...

Really very admire your creativity...jiayou!

Riki loves you said...

I love your lyrics, very true.


wen said...

I noe that waterfall place! Ive been there before! very nice! nice place to have picnice ehhh.

Anonymous said...



ivy said...

Hey. I really like your works.. Real creative! Hope to see more!!

Wong said...

hey jack, yr song lyrics r really apt..u should consider a side career in song-writing for local dramas (n of cos yr own movies). catchy tune helps too..kudos to the typical singaporean ey?

Anonymous said...

I have an old song from you "Why You So Like That". Do you have entire lyrics (10% of the lyrics was not sure)? I really like that song so much may be able to post it on YouTube later. If you have, please email me musicboxforever@gmail.com.

I am glad that "Standard Singaporean" posted your blog. Hope you like the slides.

Thank you. S Tay

bluesman said...

Please!!!!! more of stuff like these!!! Hopefully with the "Gao Xiao Zhi Zun" show, you will write more of such songs depicting Singaporeans... hey even till today, I can still remember the army days cassette you released like 15 years ago?

"fei pang de nan ren, ye shi ge nan ren, sing jia po de nan ren dou gui ding yao dang bing"

and the plane hijack song..

"san yue er shi liu ri de wan shang, you shi ge ren ah lai zi ba ji si tan", etc hahha... funny man!!

The songs are simply... catchy in a funny way! I'll always remember them!

Hey can you release a compilation CD on them??? It'll surely sell like hot cakes!!! :)

eel said...

Simply love it! I agree with bluesman. I hope you can release a compilation of your old songs and jokes! I still remember those lyrics by bluesman.

Let me continue one more line -
"fei pang de nan ren, ye shi ge nan ren, sing jia po de nan ren dou gui ding yao dang bing
fei pang yi jing bu neng chen wei ex'cuse, what you have to do, just do more training."