Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm delighted today that an old friend came to visit my blog

it is none other than sharon au!

I just found out from the papers today that she escaped from an earthquake in japan... gosh! that was really a close shave!

However, i know that she has always been blessed. Therefore, I went to take a look at her blog. It looks really good, full of creativity and interesting ideas and she even wrote in Japanese! She's really smart now, well versed in a few languages, including her fluency in chinese, and now, even japanese! But, I don't think I lose out to her by a wide margin, well, at least my Hokkien is better than her! Haha...

just finished recording 'World of laughs' today, and it really tickles me... Seeing Muthu the Indian security guard and 'lao zha bor' really makes me laugh. The episode filmed today has a section in which the minister came by to the coffee shop for an visit, making everyone really busy!

有些网友提了一些宝贵意见,有些认为有些胡闹,老实说,昨天的搞笑,有很多讽刺性的内容,例如我的梁导讲片话(jack neo films talk)就是一个我要讽刺一些电影的单元。
Some of you have provided me valuable feedback. Some thought that the content was too slapstick , honestly ,yesterday's episode had a lot of sarcastic comments, for example, my 'jack neo films talk', which was designed to poke fun at some movies.

Actually, after so many years, I’m still very concerned about which types of comedy the audience like. I know that as long as I can get the audience to laugh, it means I’ve met your requirements. But what kind of humour does it take to be able to attract the attention all-round in this highly competitive media environment.

It’s sometimes very ironical for us when doing a program. Because whilst we would like to present more in-depth details, some audience may think we are preaching. So we add a little more humour to the segment, but somehow end up over-doing it by accident. Things are really different comparing the past and present years. Things that we understood in the past, must now be reviewed and studied again,After all, the new generation has more media exposure worldwide, rather than like in the past, only restricted to within Singapore.

Really headache lah!

这里有一些照片跟大家分享。。。some pics direct from studio...


This photo shares with you the atmosphere in the recording studio. Due to the overwhelming 'cold' and lifeless equipments that the actors have to face, some of the actors become really stressed. The slightly plump guy you see is my trusty assistant, who is also the creative director of my company. This is his expression when he is rehearsing...
这张,你从眼神看就知道,我么的老查某期待的一天,就是可以光明正大 拉着壮男的手,又不需要负担任何法律责任。。。你看她幸福的表情。。。。灵魂出窍了。。。
please give me feedback after you watch my monday comedy show... 


Anonymous said...

Can you share the link to sharon au blog too.

Anonymous said...

坦白讲我觉得老牛吃嫩草很肉麻. 不过那只是我个人感觉,或许多数观众爱看.

Princess Carol said...

I feel that local audience, has somewhat gotten used to watching Taiwanese-style comedy where the humour is much more direct. Normally the jokes are targetted at the guests (usually celebrities) and can be very cruel. But because they are more liberal, it didn't appear offensive. And to us Singaporeans, it's really worth a laugh sometimes, because who gets to poke such cruel fun at "stars".

Of course making exactly same jokes will then appear very lame on your end, and you will for sure be labelled copy-cat joker. But perhaps think along those lines and inject a wee bit of cruelty to humour. After all, 搞笑本来就很残忍。

Jason葉 said...





Anonymous said...

We are supporters of sharon au so we would like to know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal Berry said...

Sharon's link:

& her previous blog:

假文人 said...



Anonymous said...

我全家人都很喜欢看你的电影,你的每一部戏我都没错过,前阵子我的3个孩子每个星期都追看你的“我是创新王”,希望您能继续拍这个节目,真的可以吸收到新的idea.近来我的5岁儿子一直追问我“妈,Monday 到了没有? 今晚有没有做搞笑至尊”!过后我就得拿着日历告诉他,什么时候才是Monday。什么时候才有做搞笑至尊哦!唉每天都要问我几次这个问题!我和我老公喜欢片中那个印度演员(演保安人员),他一开口讲,真的笑死人..........啰!

Madam Tan

Anonymous said...



Peace said...

Hi Jack, World of laughs is great. My children who hates chinese also loves to watch it. So what you think? 老牛吃嫩草很肉麻? I like it. That is the most funny part. We need this kind of joke. For people like her, she deserve all the admiration and respect of Singaporean and not to be mocked at. Everybody got their own dignity. What's more, this is just a show that is meant to entertain. Just follow your heart. You cannot satisfied the whole world. But your effort has definitely paid off.

瀅錦 said...


小妹以前看“搞笑行动”,后来有一段时间没有看,好像是梁婆婆阶段,因为觉得不是很有内容。倒是很喜欢电影里面“酸”政策,“酸”政府的笑话。Just follow law里面,arrow的画面,vip parking的几段笑得人仰马翻。


虽然你不是很high class 很glam不过我还是很佩服你。说到底,自己也不是很high class, 很glam,哈哈哈。


sharon said...

Dearest Jack大哥,

The variety programmes in Tokyo are hilarious they never fail to make me burst out in laughter!!

And i really appreciate these comedy-shows.




And this is what you do therefore U HAVE GOTTA KEEP THIS FIRE BURNING!!

猫猫 said...

我同意 Princess Carol 和 Sharon 的意见。在台湾,他们的综艺和搞笑节目都很残忍。可是却能够让人啼笑皆非。在日本,搞笑节目却非常夸张,毫无保留的让人哭笑不得。本地节目比起来,我觉得少了很多 feel。




Anonymous said...

自從 "小孩不笨" 便留意梁導演的作品
可惜我看不到 "搞笑至尊" @ Hong Kong
若果能夠發行 vcd/dvd 便好了

加油啊梁導演 !

your fans from HK
Dennis Lam

Anonymous said...

Hello you rock =D

Jack Neo said...

who can tell me how to access my blog from china?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack

Both myself and hubby likes to watch your comedy however found your recent comedy a bit sarcastic discrimnating the 2 bigger size lady (yinyin and michelle). we really hope you can tone down on this area

Zendeil said...

My family likes to laugh at the 2 bigger size lady. Is good that to let people know how awkard to feel to be fat, so they could try to reduce weight and stay healthy.

Melody said...

你可以試看看另外去申請新浪sina Blog

Melody said...

我還是很支持你們的~不是故意打錯字 哈!


neofan said...

I really disagree with some people (no offence) encouraging you to make taiwanese variety show. World of Laughs is CLASSIC and is something very localised and the contents are really comprehensive and FUNNY! esp lzb and muthus!
remember, we should CREATE A TREND, not follow a trend blindly..
Singaporeans should start supporting our own production and culture too.
Frankly, those variety shows that you recreated from taiwan variety shows were a bit of a turn off to watch. I especially hate it when Singaporeans used so much of taiwanese terms like "Chao Diao", "Zhan" etc etc.
C'mon, we have our own "Wah lau, wah kao, wah sey, wah piang eh!"

chun88 said...

hi director neo, world of laughs is quite a well make comedy production that audiences like, the screening time is just right, the coffee shop part seen to be adding new role in the each series/episode, but some scene really are not that funny, but some are funny, sometimes the background scene should change a litter, not always the coffee shop but other scene, The rest nothing to comments since like your variety show/program always the top audience rating out of other 8pm program the same time but different channel, overall conclusion will continue to support your movie/variety/drama production, you are a good director.