Thursday, August 30, 2007



Yesterday was a really funny day.


Urgently made an appointment with Marcus Chin to discuss some work matters, and because of tight schedules, as well as another urgent meeting to attend, I requested that Marcus join me in my car.


Although it was pouring outside, we still managed to have an enjoyable conversation in the car.


After the meeting, I had to send Marcus back to Mediacorp because he had some other events with Love 97.2 to attend. So I took a short-cut. It was a route that many Mediacorp artistes would take.


Round a corner, I noticed a puddle of water. As it was common in the past, I just drove through it. But halfway through… see what happened…


And whilst I still didn’t realize the seriousness, I suddenly realized that the water level was already so deep.

Like in the movies, I suddenly realized that there was just a lot of water flowing towards my car…


This picture was taken after we decided to abandon my car. Looking back at my baby, really heart-ache. Was really wondering if my car would have been totally submerged in the flood…


This was where Marcus and me came to take cover. And in fact, the place itself was also half flooded.

Actually, we were really very badly drenched. Don’t think we were really happy in this picture; in fact, we had to force ourselves to smile.


And to make matters worse, all the other vehicles were just passing through with no problems at all…

Only my car was stuck in the middle of the pool of water.


Finally, a truck decided to stop and help us.


See how pathetic I look…


Right now I’m in Shanghai. Didn’t manage to share some videos which I had recorded. This is really a good experience, but hopefully just only this once. The repair cost to fix my car engine would probably be more than enough to buy a really good top-end laptop.




Even my laptop also drowned… That’s it… Hopefully this unexpected loss will be blessed with better luck..


Princess Carol said...

It's also raining very heavily right now... And your car really look pathetic in the water...

mel said...

wow... car plate what number? buy 4D leh... such a big car oso get stuck in the rain. so sway ah u? anyway, i tot u in China, how come u can access the blogspot. banned right? or now can already?

tweetie said...

aiyoyoyo... so poor thing!!! But its nice to see you share the little droplets of daily life - that is what make your blog meaningful!! How long did it take for your car to be rescued... and start & running again??

MELODY said...

哇!讓我想到之前曾經提過台灣處於淹水狀態的日子...那次去台南 有些地方都小淹水 跟你這個根本不相上下...我還有拍下片段 有機會在分享 哈!沒想到...新加坡也是個這麼容易淹水的地方?!?! 還是這是馬來西亞勒?!

YS Studio said... would be interesting to see the videos...but your car, ke lian...

jack neo said...

ok...this post was posted by my colleague...and i sent them word file with photos.

瀅錦 said...


MELODY said...

DEAR 梁導演...哈!我終於看到你最後那一句"我現在人在上海" 那淹水的地方是在....?