Thursday, September 6, 2007


Dear net pals, Director Neo is home!

Didn’t expect that when I was away, there was “political unrest” in my blog. Someone actually attempted to usurp my throne. Luckily with much support from all of you round the globe, I didn’t end up like former Thai premier Taksin, hahaha.

Actually, this case was a difficult one to handle. Especially so when it was really inconvenient for me to appear in the news at this point in time. So much gossip and rumours that I’m trying to get into the lime light. In actual fact, this issue was really uncalled for. If I had just kept quiet, then the matter might have just gotten worse. The fact that the other guy was writing as Anonymous, accusing me of hurting Little Papaya (Mindee Ong), I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry. two groups of friends gave me 2 sets of opinion. Some said to forget it, the others said to pursue all the way…

In my thoughts, it’s not a matter of being magnanimous. Because if I remain quiet over it, people will say that I’m just admitting it, didn’t bother to come out to clarify it. Haiz, really speechless man. On the other hand, if I clarified it, then I’d be helping 881 in publicity. This in actual fact, was never my fear. As I have said, whatever I can do to help increase the box office of this movie, I’d be most obliging. As long as it’s for a local movie production, I would go the extra mile. I think everyone in the Singapore movie industry should help each other out. Let us work together and exterminate the imported movies. Not forgetting, whoever next who’s going to make another movie will definitely need the help and support of others. Only then will our movie industry flourish.

And this person has already responded.

OK, let’s take about my recent developments.

This trip to China and Hong Kong, I have many nice pictures to share with all of you. I even met my idol in Hong Kong by chance. Want to know who my idol is? Hahahaha… Very soon you’ll see, and I am sure you’ll be very surprised.

Alright, it’s very late already so I need to go catch some sleep… As a reference, I welcome all opinions and comments on the person who slandered me.


Anonymous said...

Hei Director Neo

Glad that Ur back finally ... its good that U've also spoken up on the issue of your imposter and 881... I'm sure those who knew U can figure out that U wouldn't say anything like taht... regardless of what, stay strong and continued to work hard.. will support U de...


staRjas said...

Hi director,

Pls dun be discouraged cos u'r a truely talented guy.. i really likes all your movies.

No matter who the directors are, we should support local productions. Pls cont'd to make Singapore proud.

Best wishes,

mblee said...


NeoNeo said...

hi I believe he should personally go and apologise to you Jack Neo. BUT I dont think need the law to settle this. Just let the guy know that you can take legal actions against him if he do it a second time. Give him a second chance. Some people are just plain stupid and bored. They think that defaming you is a joke.Haiz.... I'll bet it's a young boy who did it.

xuan_zi said...

actually i think u shld give the person a chance to explain his motive in doing so before u decide to take any legal actions or wad so ever...

anyway.. hope u dun get too upset abt the news reports ^.^

time will show the truth ^.^

Jun Hao said...

Hi Jack neo

anyway u should give the person one more chance. like ur movie one more chance.i think he also very sorry for doing tat.

dun need the law to settle tis.if u settle tis wit the law,ltr the person have a remark n it will be very hard to find a job.

I quite like ur movie.JIA U!!!

培恩 said...

I like the way you write this entry, especially the way you use all the chinese idioms. I was never good in chinese and reading your blog helps me to improve my chinese a bit.

Thanks ! :D

夏娃 said...


Ben said...

erm... quite a pain to read so much chinese leh bro... yr english version ready?

jaslyn said...

Sorry, I'm using english to type my comments..cos I can't really type in chinese.

What I wanted to say is not to care about the negative comments. Take it as a way to improve yourself..

Princess Carol said...

It's OK to clarify things I guess, however, it's inevitable that ppl will talk. This is after all, news for the local newspapers. How else do you think they are gonna survive, right?

As for the impostor... It'll be his responsibility to come forward to explain why he did such a thing.

On 881, better not comment anymore, 省得越描越黑。

Anonymous said...

Hi Liang Dao,

Ya lor always got 2 diff batch of ppl giving diff view one. Many time is clarify also difficult, dun clarify also difficult, dunno what to do, ai! difficult to be a person!

I believe that you really sincerely wanted to help 881 in whatever way and is not jealous, though i think many ppl will not feel this way. because many time i sincerely help ppl... many doubt that in today world still got such ppl (like u and me)...really don't know how to make ppl believe, is really very terrible feeling to have ppl doubt my true feeling, do you?

Think since that person wrote to you (though i don't know what's the content), really hope you can give him a chance, and i really think you will because you won't have the heart to "destroy" that person. BUT you can talk to him to make him realise that is not right and he MUST make sure he will not do such thing again. Hope you can help this person to gai guo zi xin! GOOD DEED!

Benjamin said...

Hi Director,

Justice is on your side,wish you good luck and hope you produce more excellent movies! Can't wait for next movie.


Benjamin said...

Hi Director Jack Neo,
Justice is on your side,hope you will produce moe excellent movies!
Can't wait for your next movie to be on screen.Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I think just give them a second chance. Forgive and forget. Time to move on. Qing zhe zhi qing :)

MedicBoyz said...




Anonymous said...

Hello Jack~!

Even though the imposter did created some form of negative publicity to you, but the damage done isn't too big right? Since the imposter is most probably a little boy making a prank, he shouldn't be penalized too hard on this. Just let this be a learning lesson, not just for him but for any other pranksters out there.

By the way, just a little feedback. Orange words on a light blue background makes it painful to read for the readers.... =p

spidery said...

Lifes is like Stages, We are like Actors/Actress,
All of us are playing our indivdual roles.
The Riches should not despises the Poor,
The Educated Ones should not look down on those Uneducated Ones.
One day the Doctor might fall into the sea,
Who need the Fisherman to save the Doctor life.
The Fisherman when Sick need to Consult the Doctor.
Thus all of us have to play our Individually Roles Well and with Pride!
Who knows the Person that You Have Helped Today Helps u Back One Day!

一楠 said...


瀅錦 said...



Jack Neo said...


Anonymous said...

Hi guys im the one who sent out the email. Thanks for ur kind words (jun hao, xuan zi) and mr jack neo for not pursuing the matter.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, I am the anonymous (September 6, 2007 5:28 PM). Glad to know that Liang Dao decided not to pursue any further(though not surprise that he will not because he is actually a very nice guy and i feel he really won't be jealous of others. Don't forget "old ginger is still the spiciest"! Liang Dao, hao ren you hao bao and your hard work will still be rewarded again and again!

To the one who "did" wrong, hope that you will "turn over a new lead and NOT do it again"! I am sure not everyone is like Liang Dao (and most of us who hope you are "spared"). Hope that this incident will affect you POSITIVELY!

Melody said...

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瀅錦 said...