Tuesday, October 9, 2007

等待已久的这一天!The day I’ve been waiting for!

I’ll be flying off to Beijing in the early hours of the 10th.

I’m very excited because this trip to Beijing is very important to Singapore’s performing arts.

我会在媒体局的领导下参加新加坡节的盛会,更重要的是,我和philip wu刚刚成立的NEO STUDIOS 强片制片厂将会在部长的见证下,和上影,西影电影集团还有香港地美亚签署合作意向书。
I’ll be attending this event under the arrangement of MDA. And what’s most important is, the company NEO STUDIOS, which I’ve just formed together with Philip Wu, will, sign a collaboration treaty with China & Hong Kong’s movie companies, officiated by some ministers.

This will mean that there will be more joint productions, which will also mean that this is the start of much more steep challenges.

I’m not too sure about the details of the collaboration, but there’s always a first for everything, and we’ll just have to face it.

Another very important thing, which is also the most anticipated, my production, I NOT STUPID 2, will be commissioning the opening ceremony of the Singapore Film Festival in Beijing. It seems there will be a lot of VIPs, though I’m not sure who will attend, but I do hope that these guests will appreciate and support this movie of mine. Hopefully, this movie will be allowed to screen in China. I strongly believe that the objective of this movie will be able to bridge the communication gap between adults and children.

I NOT STUPID 2 has been trying to break into the China market for a very long time, but without success. Some people in China have watched this movie at a film festival last year, and are also hoping that the movie can be officially screened in China. But it’s just been facing a lot of obstacles.

And today, it’ll be officially screened in Beijing, wonder if all of you can feel my sense of joy…

There are many times when things don’t run smoothly, people will tell you that it won’t work lah, they’ve tried already lah, cannot lah, don’t waste time lah, look ahead lah, wait and see lah.... And all these, in my opinion, if I had given up on I NOT STUPID myself, then no one will help you fight for anything.

And it was really tough going through all these…


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contiue to strive furthur...i suppport you!!

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梁導演加油~祝你一切順利 成功!
新加坡風味電影 就靠你啦! :)

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I am indeed happy that your perservence has paid off. I too believe in never giving up and always trying to forge on. 同样那句话,加油,加油,加油!!!

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too cheem, no understand. got english ver yet?