Sunday, October 28, 2007


This screening was a continuation of the Singapore/China film festival.

I am hoping to take this opportunity to let more parents understand the communication gap between parents and their children. That’s why I made so much effort and insisted in the continuation of this movie screening. I know this screening will be the last chance. And I am very sure that if I don’t screen my movie in the cinemas this time, then this movie will definitely just die off in silence. Perhaps there won’t even be another chance for this movie to be screened.

Actually, it’s really difficult to approval for such a screening. But thankfully, we managed to get the approvals for screening with the help of the recent media events. At least this movie will get a chance to be seen by the China audience. I am really happy.

I have gotten a lot of encouragement from audiences who have watched this movie, and they were all hoping that this movie could be screened in China. And that’s a very basic issue that we are facing. How to import it into China. Because there must be a distributor who is interested in this movie before we can start.

Such a simple task, and after 2 years, we hadn’t made any significant progress. Hopefully after this movie premier, we can achieve a breakthrough.

I strongly believe that previously when the distributors watched this movie, they had misunderstood it to be a children’s movie. This category of movies had many unfortunate examples in the past. Many of which never quite made it. Some movie distributors even totally dismissed the opportunity the moment the heard it was an educational movie. This is a habitual problem, so that’s why my movie didn’t get a breakthrough easily.

Fortunately, I insisted on the movie screening. This time, we had audiences from the entertainment industry. And many of them gave precious ideas and feedback on importing the movie. I am really thankful.

On seeing the audiences’ warm feedback after the movie screening, I felt very grateful. Therefore, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell everyone, that although I am not able to exchange ideas and comments with every single one of you, but I have noted your expressions after the screening, and your warm wishes. I know the audiences have not left empty handed. At the very least, they now know what is Appreciation Education. Maybe they might even go back and think about what appreciation is all about.

Appreciation is a key that everyone has. Whether to take it out or not, really depends on the attitude and approach of each person.

The movie screening in Beijing is now over. Many people who should have watched it have already done so. Many top leaders had also been invited. I believe these leaders would also like this movie to be able to potentially strike an effect. But I know, I still need to wait patiently.

MDA has prepared for another screening in Shanghai. And I am in the midst of preparing for it. If there are any news, I’ll keep you all updated.


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Princess Carol said...

I am very sure you have success very close to you now. You will make it.

Anonymous said...

yep, i agree with the princess above. you will get yr chance to have i not stupid screened in china.

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Princess Carol said...

Anonymous @ 2:54pm, how could you be so discouraging? Just in case you didn't know yet, Just follow Law has also been nominated in 3 Golden Horse Awards. And there's nothing wrong with trying to get recognition and achievement in one's own work.

Princess Carol said...
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Princess Carol said...
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A little bird said...

And by the way, if you haven't been updated on Director Neo's recent situation and insist on having such negative attitude, then you shouldn’t be here...
Negative persons will only think in a negative way.

As the saying goes, “The realization of good things is usually preceded by rough goings.” So we shouldn’t believe in giving up. We should think that if we’ve not done our best, we shouldn’t give up, at all.

A little bird said...

Here's the link to the Golden Horse Awards:

Just Follow Law with 3 nominations in:
1) Best Leading Actor
2) Best Original Screenplay
3) Best Visual Effects

Pat said...

有上 golden horse awards meh? 恭喜啊!加油,加油!

ben said...

really strange hor, why still cannot get permit to show yr movie in chian ah? nothing wrong with it mah. just a movie abt parents understanding children's behaviour oni mah. those chinese ppl know how to appreciate or not? but still, good luck to u lah, and congratualtion on yr golden horse nominations again. must win ah!

xj said...

wahahahah :)

congrats on your movie got nominated in golden horse !!!



Yoshimitsu Family Blog said...

Pardon my ignorance, I think Home Run is a better movie to market in China.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jack Neo!

I'm very encouraged by your persistence in something. That's the right way to go man! Go ahead with the things that are right and you KNOW it is right...takes a lot of courage to do that. I'm sure success will come your way in time to come. Keep on keeping on! Don't give up!!!

Melody said...

但是我仍覺得 去爭取是對的!
大陸市場太大了 各個思想方式不相同
在大陸sina Blog之前就有看到一位朋友很愛你的電影... 不去這塊大市場 可惜阿!

這也是為何新傳媒開拓海外市場先選大陸合作戲劇先摟...別小看大陸 就算在怎麼不認識的演員演的戲劇 有些有是很好看 很有題材的!

恭喜啦! 看到有一些朋友在給你祝賀 哈!