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早报头版,可见媒体是如何的关注这个事情。。。ZaoBao headlines. See how
concerned the media is abt this matter…

也可以读读内容。。。Also have a look at the details…
晚报的用词很有震撼力,雪耻。WanBao's use of words are very powerful, ( 雪耻) Wipe out of humiliation…
看看内容,相当精彩咯。Read the details. Quite interesting lor.
Even The Straits Times also ran a report. Very large-scale hor?


In the news papers today, there were many reports abt a particular person, either placed as headlines or placed in very prominent page.
It's abt a person whom, normally when reported on the newspapers, is being scolded by many many people.
This person, is my disciple, Mark Lee.


On seeing that the Singapore Heritage Museum had very boldly used my disciple without prejudice as a discovery of singapore Ambassador, I felt really grateful and touched. So I have to take this opportunity to thank the Museum officials for this exceptional idea…


Exceptional, to say, is very easy. It means that whatever others dare not attempt, we do it boldly, very simple. Bu the problem is, in the end how many people dare to take up this challenge?


Every one in the museum are civil servants. To boldly come up with such an idea that may cost him his career advancement and salary, this really takes a huge amount of courage and determination.


If my disciple had failed, then think abt it, how is this civil servant going to face everyone. Especially when facing the media's constant queries... It's going to be very embarrassing, and people who are not used to it will be affected by it every single minute. It will feel the same like "before you sentenced to hang". Usually when people read the news papers about articles that have nothing to do with themselves, it'll be treated like entertainment. At most they might shed some sympathy, but when they themselves become the talk of the town, there will be a lot of unncessary attention. They have to learn to stand their grounds, and have much more determination, and shoulder much more responsibility. These entire process, to some people, they wouldn't be bothered to get involved. They would just go ahead and get things done very simply. After all, these antiques were never easy to attract attention. And that had never been just our problems.


They didn't bother about the troubles, they went ahead, and took the risk.

其实单单从 A&P 的角度来说,只是提出来就已经达到效果了,看好像没有什么,但是点子是如何来的,我但是非常有兴趣知道,是谁如此的大胆,是一句开玩笑的话结果成真了还是,已经脑激荡千百回的结果。

Actually, from the A&P point, just by mentioning it would have reaped responses. It may seem like nothing much, but how they came up with the idea, I'm very much interested to know. Who was it so bold to have come up with this idea. Did it start with a joke that materialized, or was it somehing that was brainstormed for a really long time.

要说服最上面的人接受最草根的事,一路来都是这个问题,我们在最草根的位子上,经常就碰到了这样的事,在新加坡,在上面的,很多看事情比较 " 吃马铃薯的 " 因此很多草根的事,你用一辈子去跟他讲还是讲不通的。

To persuade the very top management to accept something so raw, has always been very difficult. I always encounter such experiences. In Singapore, some of the companies "upstair" view things always in " eating potato" way. so if you want them to understand very simple and basic things ,you can waste your entire life explaining and they will never understand .

李国煌经常被人家骂,还好他是喜剧之王,否则他的明成形象,经常给人家判他死刑的,他主持节目华语很烂,到现在,我还是会经常纠正他 24 打出来的成语,但是,从另一个角度看,就是因为这样造就了他与众不同,现在的时代,一板一眼的时代已经变成最大的笑话了,现在找主持人,华语好是一个基本的,但是华语好的人,也要好到自然,如果出来咬字太字正腔圆,听起来很别扭,相信我,绝对是死路一条。

Mark Lee is always scolded by other people, but luckily, he's the king of comedy, otherwise, with his distinct image, he'll always be sentenced to death. When he hosts variety programs, his Chinese is really "koyak" (terrible). Even until now, I still have to correct his horrific combination of Chinese idioms(like buy 4D system bit). But looking at it from a different angle, it's just this that makes him stand out. These days, days of being methodical are so passé and they're now topics of jokes. Variety show hosts these days with a good command of Chinese is a pre-requisite. But people with a good command of Chinese should also be natural. If the pronunciation and accent is too perfect, and it sounds very awkward, then believe me, it'll be a dead end.


What the museum has done, has created a point of argument. Having a combination of 2 impossibles together, is being done intentionally. With that, a chemical reaction is created, and naturally, it generates publicity.

双赢哦!!So all win la!!


I have to thank the Museum for giving my disciple such a good opportunity to stand up for himself, and also very importantly, I do hope more people will applaud their bold and exceptional method of doing things. Not because they used my disciple, but more because this matter itself, was a risk to take and ended with success.

在拍摄 " 我在政府部门的日子 " 的前期,资料搜集的过程中,听到和遇到很多公务员因为害怕犯错结果搞得啼笑皆非的笑话,虽然,跟很多国家比较,我们的公务员制度和效率已经是非常高了,可是还有一些公务员仍然带着多做多错少做少错的心态,今天博物馆的这个例子,应该是很多,不只是政府机构包括私人企业界也可以借景的地方。

When I was preparing to film "Just follow Law", during the process of doing research, I had heard and seen many civil servants making a joke out of themselves just because they were afraid to make mistakes. Although comparing with many other countries, the quality of our civil servants are considered very high. However, there are still many civil servants who still bear the mentality of, the more you do, the more mistakes you make, but the lesser you bother, the lesser you can go wrong. This example with the museum, could set a good example to not only those in the civil service, but also to many private organizations.


Many people view Mark Lee from only 1 angle. But actually, Mark Lee is a person whom you can view from many different angles. Having been teacher/disciple for so long, I have to take this opportunity to tell all of you, that Mark Lee's career in the entertainment industry has just begun.

有很多你意想不到的,他会慢慢的给你,给你惊喜,让你重新认识他,这个就是 2008 年的李国煌。

There will be many unexpected situations which he will reveal slowly, surprising you. You'll get to know him all over again. This will be the Mark Lee of 2008.

担心一些人忙,错过了他的一些简报,我给你放上去。。。今晚,我会和他有一个小小的庆功宴,怎么讲,特使的身份拿 90分,就是不简单,是 BAND 1 咯!好好的庆祝一下,我今晚会和他来一个对话,今晚回来后我会上传让大家看。

I was concerned that some of you might be busy and possibly missed out some of his news, so I posted them… Tonight, I'll have a small celebration with him. Why so, because his role of ambassador has earned him 90 marks, and it's not easy. It's Band 1 leh! So we must have a good celebration. I'll have a dialogue session with him. And after that, I'll post it here for you guys.


Actually, whether mark could make it or not, to all of us at J Team, we have always been confident.


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how to join the tour?

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what happen to mark lee again? waiting for the english translation. thx.

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i just want to say thank you to the J team for always producing shows that are enjoyable..even though i am not in sg..but every time i go back sg..if there is, i will watch the reruns no matter how late it is..thanks a lot!

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thx for the translation.

i think it's indeed a breakthrough for the museum to have stepped out of the box. using mark lee is definitely very creative. i must say it did leave a very deep impression and created a really big impact + hooha. now everyone knows abt the musuem.

good job to the guy/girl who came up with the idea, good job to mark for remaining so calm, thx to you director neo for analysing the entire scenario and thx to yr translator otherwise i dunno what's going on since i can't read chinese and will never be bothered to try! haha

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hope the relationship of shifu and disciple can be perpetual one, as it is no uncommon for such relationship to strain with time............and finally breaks of..........

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李国煌一路来都是我的偶像。。 他很棒!

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2007-12-08 联合早报

● 林瑞元












李国煌带队我是可以接受的,但他必须好好准备,言而有物. 如果带一群人去装颠搞笑就没有意义了.

要了解新加坡典故和历史文物,最好还是读书. 记得我读中学时就读过两本新加坡史话之类的书. 几年前在图书馆里又借了好多本"根的系列"这样的数来看,都可以获益不浅.