Sunday, December 30, 2007



So sorry ah my dear friends! I'm back!


After the Star Awards, I went for a vacation with my whole family to Chiangmai.


After that I drove to KL for another 3 day short holiday, so happy.


After I came back, I heard that the teaser for my movie is already up. Very happy. I also heard that Stephen Chow's movie & Jay Chou's movies are in too. Everyone is rushing for the Chinese New Year bonanza. Such lively bustle lor. 


Many people said to me, Director Neo, why do you want to go head on with Stephen Chow and the others? Such a question, on the surface, appears to have show solicitude, but in actual fact, seems to have an air of condescension. Actually we chose to screen it during the Chinese New Year for a very simple reason. Because every year during this period I will screen one of my movies. This movie should have been screened just before Christmas, but due to a delay in the production, we couldn't make it on time, so therefore we had to delay it. But who knows it ends up as a head on clash with the top shots. 


If you ask me abt confidence, frankly speaking, I strongly believe that Mr Yun of Raintree, who is in charge of the publicity, has already got their strategy.  However it might turn out, we must be on guard in our own territory. 


Hopefully, all of you will turn up with your full support.


Princess Carol said...

Looking forward to watching it!

Riona said...


冉冉 said...


Jason葉 said...

粱導加油押!! 還有...也祝您新年快樂,也補送一句聖誕快樂= =,哈哈~

Anonymous said...

Hello Jack,
your Ah Long movie poster very very nice (saw Fann and Mark),
hope the poster is like that when the movie in cinemas

Stefan S said...

Saw the poster at GV cinemas, as well as the "switch off your mobile phone" ad!

GUO SHAO-HUA said...

wah, next time you come KL you must call me up and go yam char, woi! :D

y.l. said...


rambochai said...

wow... 很期待咯... 加油咯,... 来sarawak kuching 的话, 可以找我... 呵呵呵....

melody said...

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黄治纲 said...


day-dreamer said...

Happy 2008 and all the best.