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jojo said...

thanks for sharing

JAY said...

hey i watched your show ah long pte ltd and i really wanna know the title and singer of the hokkien song? thanks

xj said...



观看电影是很subjective 的。。每个人的心中的那把尺都不同。。有意见是好的,证明还有进步的空间。。未来有更多的突破。


Chalese said...

Director Neo,

im sure that your work is never rubbish like those people had said. Shut off comments that are too ridiculous and remember that it's your effort and the motive of providing entertainment to us. If it is sincere comments, we can reflect and improve on it. But if it's comments that are not true and having the intention to destroy impression, just ignore them and continue to work your way up. There are always people who are trying to pull u down in order that they look better. Hope that you are not disheartened by especially those ridiculous comments but continue to work towards excellence and also maintain your strengths. =)

In prayers you are! =D

joker said...

I like yur blog!

by the way, I like your movies too. It's not just about making people laugh, but the values behind means a lot.

p a n d a said...

jia you!jia you!
support u owez..
remember--do everything for ur own, for ur God..not for others.dont get pissed off by others' bad comment.

Sing Hua said...

Hi Jack,

Your success is bound to stir envy and jealousy. In the face of mounting criticisms, you have demonstrated resilience and tenacity. Fann Wong is an excellent example. The more people criticise her, the more popular and success she is.

Personally, I watched Ah Long twice and still enjoyed it very much. This proves that your humour is well-crafted and sustainable.

Frankly, I can't wait for your next production.

YS Studio said...

People who hide behind the name 'anonymous' to give very bad and unconstructive comments, if u dare, stand out and speak. Don't hide. Obviously you know for yourself that your comments are not necessary.

It's obvious that they simply scold because they don't like jack's production.

And it's obvious their comments are not needed here

obvious said...

anonymous who scold Jack is the same person, just look at the time post hahaha

Anonymous said...

People who want to compare you to Stephen Chow, is unfair. HK is a bigger budget/market.

Why not compare Stephen Chow with Jim Carrey/US?? we are in different league.

Let the ticket sale be your judge..

Good luck and keep up with your good work.

yl said...

I watched your movie..
but i wanna say that i don't think it is nice to say whose movie is best or worst as read from previous comments.
This show is nice as there's a moral behind and it is funny..
Just that the storyline is kinda messy cause there are too many focus.
but anyway.. Mark Lee is really funny. =)
All the best =)

果子 said...


让我很轻松的元宵节~~~ 哈哈!!


ZC said...

THanks!!! I love your film!!!
more please!!!


Anonymous said...

watched your movie today with my hubby.
i cannot understand those critics.
this movie though not perfect but AT LEAST it is entertaining.
is it not when u choose a movie to watch,u want to be entertained???
Mark Lee is the MAN:> very funny!
Dir Jack, still rooms for improvement.ignore those irrelevant comments, jus keep improving on your work.
both my hubby n myself gave 3/5.

PiYaNo said...

i jus watch it wid my friends today... n we love it!!!

laugh almost throughout the whole movie...

can't w8 for ur next production :)

Chang said...

Hi Director JackNeo!
I am your fanz! I watch your flim of 梁婆婆~since when i was small!
I really like your show! All the show make me laugh!
I am from Malaysian and i havent see this show yet(Ah Long pte Ltd) because it havent goes up to our cinema... The show start at March, and i cant wait to see it!
All the Best Jack Neo!
p/s:Sorry for my broken english!

Anonymous said...

Hi! How can I join the acting group?

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Anonymous said...


冉冉 said...


冉冉 said...


Jack Neo said...


ERO said...


Helen said...

I've watched Ah Long Pte Ltd only recently. Was quite disappointed, as some scenes I've seen from the trailer wasn't in the movie. I suppose there's quite a number of scenes being cut off when I watched the movie at the cinema.

But I would still say, the camera skills and director's skills was good. Some effects, does have some room to improve.

Other than me not being able to understand Cantonese, was glad that there's subtitles going with it. The actors and actresses acted well. Thumbs up.

But still, I prefer [I Not Stupid] and [跑吧孩子].

Keep up the good work.
These are just my opinions. No harm done.

Ah Gor said...

As usual, your movies are always embedded with subtle political reference. However, this time round,in Ah Long Pte Ltd, you focus on Malaysia politics. Incumbment giving way to sucessor and sucessor disappoint incumbent with his style of leadership. Supporter who used to cry like baby when the incumbent wanted to step down now turns to support the sucessor. Well done! Your movies have the ability to let me think in depth the message which you wish to convey. But being a director making commercial movie, you are tasked to be both entertaining and being politically correct. You have struck a balance. When you are good, people who want to see you fail will appear. People will attack things they do not like; not things that are wrong. When someone throws bricks at you, use those bricks to build up your foundation and silent your critics. Good work, Jack !


Hi Director Neo,
I read both negative and positive comments on this movie and I totally disagree with those who gave negative comments. I really enjoy all of your productions. Jia You!

Goh Zhong Sheng said...

Hi Director Neo

Thanks for the superb film.

Support Local production people!


Jack Neo said...



Anonymous said...

I just watched it last night! you rock! so funny, I laugh until buay tahan. I think your show is 100% better than CJ7.

ero said...


wu said...

liang lao shi!
((: ur show(LSJLD) is fantabulous! i watched it a zillion times already and it never fails to make me laugh.
rawk on ((:

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing some photos we dun get to see on screen ..

hope you can cast fann in another movie, with christopher lee.

and absolutely, fann is going places, she is the STAR for singapore.

kwok said...

Hi Director,
I support all ur shows, every one of them I watch at least twice =) Dun worry about ppls comments cos their job is called 'critique' lol. Very critical one lah. Just know that there are many many others like me who really appreciate ur shows. All the best! God bless!