Monday, March 3, 2008




Anonymous said...


~ Thai Boxing Girl ~ said...

director, i tried to type the url you have provided, but there is an error. do you think you can place the link here?

Qiaoqiao said...

Erm.. if you nid any jokes..i can give you one for your movie larh...
L.A.M.E=locating and apprenhing missing escapee yay!I ROX MAN!!!!BYEBYE

VIVIAN- said...

Director, are you interested in holding up a movie? There's four movies wrote in total.
Firstly, 'Xue xiao li de nv gui'. Secondly, 'hu bian nv shui gui'. Thirdly, 'diao jin de fu nv'. Forthly, 'mai nasi lemak de gui mu zi'. If interested, please contact me at 96518962. My name is King Kong (:

VIVIAN- said...

Here's a poetry written by King Kong.
liang cheng gu jin xin jia bo,
zhi cai man man xiang xue hua,
qiang zhe wu di tian xia xi,
sheng wei ya zhou si long shou.

yenhung said...

hello mr jack. i'm one on your malaysian fans.just wanna let you know,your movie was a hit in Malaysia, at least where i'm studying lah. My friends said your movie was very funny. keep up the good work!