Sunday, May 27, 2007

开工了!3! 2! 1! ACTION!!!!


怎么样?这张照片够cool ? people say dont see face is i choose this one first...

don want Ah Long to reconize me la ...









xcode said...

The movie title is 我的老婆是啊窿 ?

Anonymous said...

all the best in ur new film.
got try the bak kut teh nearby the shooting location anot? dont miss it. u'll regret.

Anonymous said...

That photo looked really quite cool!!!

Can see tat u was engrossed in talking at that time!!! :D

Wish everything run smoothly
and happily for u and the rest!!!

*JIA YOU*!!! :D

And take care while being so busy too!!!

Best Wishes, VIVIEN!!!

Jason葉 said...


阿!~導演,我有些話要跟您講= =",不知道您看過了沒>"<。

Crystal Berry said...


YuanXing said...

Start to work!3! 2! 1! ACTION!!!!

Finally start to work

How?These photograph look cool? people say dont see face is i choose this one first...

don want Ah Long to recognize me la ...

The location of the shooting is being found,the required actor also found,the script that need to change also changed,thus start to work。

Firstly let you all view some photographs。

The hotel that i stay in currently,the connection is very poor,want to upload a photograph can vomit blood.

Give me sometime promise there will be more photograph coming up.

I will go to night shooting soon, tonight will be dawn.

This screne will be fan wong and malaysia loan shark boss meeting,We choosed a deserted warehouse,drive car there need a hour 。。。

Lastly,I need to go 。。。

Anonymous said...


MELODY said...

DEAR 梁導演,早安!上班認真工作前上來看看!恭喜開工了! 昨天很可愛 又看到你的電影[突然發財]原來演出謙益大哥跟莉萍姐的小兒子就是[小孩不笨2]的Jerry...他有演出[跑吧孩子]嗎?我怎麼沒有太大的印象 是因為他當時太小 所以現在長大了看起來不像嗎?

Princess Carol said...

Better take care and not to overwork.

Karen Tsoi said...


Anonymous said...

hope everything shun shun li li and can quickly be released in the market.... wo qi dai ur new work

day-dreamer said...


Elween said...

well...all the best in your next film!

the idea of "first you are have to apply in writing...." really made us laugh like crazy! you must use that actress again, she is real cool actress! :)

take care, director Jack.

瀅錦 said...

Elween is right. The actress that acts as the Admin staff is really good! She left a deep impression for those who have watched "Follow the Law". Really funny~

All the best in your filming

Rose said...

Hello Director Jack,

Greetings from Kuching :)

Love all your movies.. :)

Anonymous said...

Jack ni hao,
take good care of Fann especially when she's shooting those fighting scenes please, very worry for her safety.

✖§ǿØŋ[pħ]✖ said...

hahaha! your pic made me to imagine of something, with the pose you made, you are just like dancing shuffle and the audience around look so bad,with all the faces down... hahaha! sorry,just a joke!