Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hello from KL

Hello my friends!

I'm here in KL for preparation of the movie shoot almost a week. It's very siong and tired, but I'm happy to work.

I may not be able to update so often because there is no network here. My computer also kana virus, very slow like snail. I have to go search for wireless cafe if I need to go now, I'm in a nice cafe having my lunch. Got to rush off in a while to continue my shoot.

I am not able to reveal so much about my new movie, I just can say it will definitely be a blockbuster of the year. You will sure like it!

I've asked my in-house editor to come up with some 'Making-of' clips from "Just Follow Law". The clips are not even shown in DVDs! It's exclusively for my blog. I will ask her to put it up in my blog once ready.

Do come back for it okay!


xcode said...

I visit your blog everyday!

No problem if you didn't update it for a while.

Waiting for your exclusive videos =D

renair said...

i visit ur blog 1st time.
i saw u at old town midah tis monday o...

等比 said...


day-dreamer said...

Anticipating the video clips! ;)

Enjoy yourself in KL okay... :D

New Sun said...


You should install internet security and anti-virus software in your computer and update the software regularly before it is too late.

新星人 New Star Man said...



emmanualstar said...

你的video clip很好笑。。。