Monday, May 14, 2007

Hi i am still here!!

i must say thank you for all your support..

sorry for not able to blog this few days,as my work here really xiong..

also the net work quite suck..most of the time no signal...or the signal is on n off...

already got some interesting pics,will put up soon..

now is lunch time,at s resturant here got free wifi that why can let u know what am doing ...

shit got to go liao...


pls don complaint my english is think i don know mei?hahahaha..try la..


瀅錦 said... funny~~

have fun in your work!

Sandra said...

hehe u never fail to amuse me, Director Neo. :) Keep blogging!!!

Crystal Berry said...

Ya, ur english is very....hehe, u know lah hor!!
范文芳配李国煌 = 美女与野兽(人鬼阿窿)

Anonymous said...

It's Okie~

My English is not very good either~
*HAHAHA*!!! :P

As long as people can understand what u are trying to tell them~
I think it is GOOD enough!!! :D

Best Wishes, VIVIEN~!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack,

Post pictures of Fann and Mark leh, wanna have a glimpse of your movie in making..

:) thanks

fanjun said...

wooo~ nice blog!

Jun Hao said...

ur english nt bad lah

JIA U!!!

Anonymous said...

yes director,

we ALL know.


just kiding :p you doin great. trust me.

Anonymous said...

hei director neo!!

u updated ever so regularly even though u've a very busy schedule...glad to see datz there's always something new to read everytime i check back here... dun worry too much bout ur english, ur doing pretty well... jiayou wor ... update us on ur new movie soonz, good luckz and ve fun in ur wrk


Darren Tee said...

haha, 不要担心啦。有些其他的blogger没工作都不知道做什么很久很久才写一篇,你这样算是update很快了咯!

NoDayNoNight said...




Anonymous said...

Hi ah qiang,
At least it remind us that English is not the excuse or obstacle, with hard work we also can do it. More and more are coming for your blog with your effort.

Thanks for the effort put in!

Let's cheers for Local Director Qiang!

Elween said...

hei, i have just watched your latest film..i mean is kind of weird but sometimes, in a way it is practical. from another point of view, maybe it might satisfy some of our imaginaton working in the government sector:)

i think finally you have found a unique way in film shooting compare to your previous film (pao ba hai zi..)

all the best!

Alvin_Ong said...

Director Neo, your english is not too bad.

English??!! Nobody will said his / her english is good. When he / she said so, then their english won't be improve anymore. Language is the thing which was never ending. As long as you willing to learn, it will improve at the moment you use it.

enjoying your work!

New Sun said...

Hi, Jack,

You are still there.
I am still here visiting your blog daily.

新星人 New Star Man said...

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Anonymous said...

my english also crap like crazy

MELODY said...

DEAR 梁導演,
我可以說 我英文也不好嗎?
看新加坡人寫英文 我更加吃力~