Wednesday, September 12, 2007

非常演员训练班Unusual Artiste Training Class

The earlier collaboration with Ocean Butterfly on the Unusual Artiste Training Class is almost coming to an end.

During the course, we arranged for the students to go thru demonstrations. This time round, we arranged for them to go to Mediacorp to watch the recording of the last 2 episodes of World of Laughs.

Some pictures to share.

这张是我的casting director替我拍的,角度和气氛我都很喜欢,有一种,导演的感觉,呵呵,他们说的。。。this picture was taken by my casting director .i like the angle and feel to it.they said it had the director feel.

我们的同学就是在一个角落观赏,特别安排大家做在一个显眼的地方,这些同学,都很好奇。。。这就对了,这就是一种热忱。Our students observed the recording from this corner. We had intentionally put them in a conspicuous corner. These students showed a lot of curiosity… Which is expected due to their passion.

不只是演员训练班的同学有观摩的机会,我们梁家班也因为有观众,特别卖力,这次的录影,破了有史以来的最早完成录影的记录。It wasn't only the students of the Talent Quest classes. J Team  also had very enthusiastic audiences. And this time, the recording had broken a record of completing the record very early.
喜欢同学们热忱的学习态度,因为明天他们就要考试了,借这个机会给大家提供一些贴士。。。I liked the students' passion in learning, because tomorrow, they have to go thru a test. So using this opportunity to give everyone some tips…

同学们好好玩哦,想要偷偷和他们一起拍照也不行。大家在后面尽量搔首弄姿,好过扮鬼脸。Well, have fun, students, but you can't take photographs with them. Every one was giggling the background, but still it was better than making funny faces.

was a bit disappointed some students din turn up the second days recording...actually the second day recording more things to see and learn.below is a clip about mark lee teaching dance..hahaha...


Big Daddy aka Wong Sifu said...

huh???...what ending?... Boh leh...??

Anonymous said...

I cant see it too.. >_<

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dam-dam said...

jack neo is great!!!

Sarah said...

hey gt any part-time actress ma ? if gt can dun mind intro me in anot ? heehee.. :D coz i m v.intrested abt this. i once this yr joined star search 2007 bt sad to says tt i out. =( if really gt can dun mind consider me ? thks :) wanna to knw abt me here is my blog address ->

Princess Carol said...

Haha... Mark teach dancing, you shld ask someone to film the clip while you join in and dance mah...

RENA's BROG said...

I love the coffee shop part. It's simply hilarious. Especially MUTHU. HAHA. Remember the song 'you yong de ren'? It's like a flashback of everything since 'i not stupid' was film :) Continue with your fliming! It's nice ! :)

废扬 said...

后一段周杰伦的很有创意 hiopop加上扇子舞^^
那位被抢手袋的女生跌倒的时候 脚好长哦~@@

ps:我是跑吧孩子里面的阿辉 梁老师还记得我吗

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